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Corrugated boxes

We supply a range of corrugated cardboard boxes; from a small Mug box to a large Pallet Box we make them all. Naturally these are available in both single and double wall with a variety of fluting options from B, C, D and E flute options. All our boxes are delivered flat packed and we ensure a maximum amount per pallet which helps keep transport costs to a minimum. AP Controls Ltd also provide both Flexo printed and Digital printed options.

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In-Box Void Fill systems

Fillpak TT systems are a world leader in void-fill and because it’s natural paper it’s 100% environmentally friendly, being completely biodegradable and recyclable. The TT void-fill system is a fast and efficient way to fill a void in any size of box, preventing unwanted movement during transit. The paper used for Fillpak void fill is FSC® approved, versatile and clean. Fillpak systems delivers precise material control, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The Fillpak systems are fast and offers optimal void fill, ideal for medium to large sized packing contracts which we at AP Controls Limited are ideally placed to respond to within 24 hours anywhere in Ireland.

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Void Fill systems

Find out more about the void fill systems we provide


FillPak Manual

PadPak Junior


FillPak TT with cut mechanism

PadPak LC


PadPak Compact

PadPak Senior

SRP shelf ready packaging

We design and manufacture Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP’s), suitable for a range of products. Available in plain or printed cardboard, benefits include optimization of shelf and retail space, tracking stock movement and quantity. All our SRP’s are 100% recyclable and are designed to maximize & promote your products.

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Litho Laminated boxes

At AP Controls Ltd. we have an unrivaled experience in manufacturing Litho Laminated Boxes. These high quality printed boxes perfectly combine custom graphic printing with the versatility of fluted cardboard packaging. The strength and adaptability of the corrugated cardboard delivers a convenient packaging solution while the design and lithographic lamination allows for the promotion of the product directly on the shelf. Ideal for Shelf Ready Packaging, all materials are 100% recyclable.

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Lithographic cartons

We design and manufacture a range of cartons and boxes in a variety of single and double walled cardboards and card. Our lithographic printing process allows for detailed and colourful designs that will enhance and promote your product. We can provide corrugated cartons with up to 6 colour Litho topliner. The cartons AP Controls Ltd. provide are versatile, recyclable and biodegradable, and are a perfect choice for a variety of retail products and goods.

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Ranpak Paper Systems

AP Controls Ltd. supplies Padpak systems which are used worldwide for packaging protection of a range of products. The Padpak paper is manipulated to create a cushioning pad that is easy to configure and offers protection heavier fragile parts and is non abrasive. Manually packed goods are protected by the patented cushioning pad. We are happy to offer drop testing as part of our service to prove its viability.
Padpak reduces handling and storage costs, the paper is 100% recyclable and is easy to configure and install. Ideal for protecting a wide range of fragile products.

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Adhesive tapes

We supply a range of adhesive tapes designed for strength and durability and suitable for most packaging requirements. Our adhesive tapes are flexible, strong and versatile. Designed for reliability and durability, our tapes are ideal for packing and sealing, ensuring security and containment. AP Controls Ltd. also supply Heavy Duty and Packaging tapes, along with brown, clear, ‘Fragile’ and Cross Weave Filament tape, all providing strong adhesion. We are one of the very few companies that can supply you with 8 coloured adhesive tape.

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Heat Treated timber crates and pallets

At AP Controls Ltd. we manufacture quality H/T crates to customer specifications using state of the art machinery and the very best in timber materials. Our crates are certified to ISPM 15 requirements. They are constructed from exterior grade quality plywood or to customer specifications. The structure is strengthened by a more than adequate number of battens, delivering toughness and reliability. Bespoke H/T crates are be custom made to avoid excessive shipping costs.
All our pallets are certified to ISPM 15 requirements. They are constructed from tough treated timbers and can be reused time and again.

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Mailing bags

AP Controls Ltd. manufacture and supply a range of mailing & Vapour Barrier bags. These are designed to deliver maximum protection to products during transit. They are available in various sizes and have a peel and seal adhesive strip ensuring secure closure. The design of our bags can be customized to promote a particular product or brand name. All are waterproof and made from recyclable materials.

AP Controls Ltd. supply both plain and branded plastic bags, available in a choice of sizes and thickness; all are strong, biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

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Vapour Barrier bags

We supply a range of Vapour Barrier Bags. These bags are specially designed to prevent the packaged product being contaminated or spoiled by moisture or strong odors. Our barrier bags are made from durable and heavy duty plastics which helps prevent damage and contamination of goods. They are available in a range of sizes and are suitable for a variety of functions in many industries. All are 100% recyclable.

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Pallet wrap

The pallet wrap we provide comes in a range of standard sizes and is both economical and effective. The material is strong and durable and provides rigidity and toughness against various temperature and climate changes. AP Controls Ltd. pallet wrap delivers a high yield, allowing more pallets to be wrapped per roll and overall being more cost effective.

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Paper Alternative to bubble wrap

GEAMI Wrap Pak (Paper alternative to Bubble Wrap) combines die cut Kraft paper with a tissue interleaf paper. A 3D honeycomb structure allows angled cells to lock together, this ensures that products and goods are firmly wrapped and eliminates the need for adhesive tape. At AP Controls Ltd. we highly recommend GEAMI Wrap Pak as it delivers excellent results in terms of product protection, usability and efficiency. It is 100% recyclable and offers maximum protection from a minimum amount of material.

Void fill – TT Paper

We use Fillpak TT to convert 15 inch kraft paper into a paper star configuration, for fast efficient top and side void fill, protecting goods and products during transit. At AP Controls Ltd. we have found that Fillpak TT delivers on reducing material usage and costs while maintaining packing efficiency. The system allows for maximum throughput by dispensing void fill material directly into a box, proving it to be both economical and efficient.

Flexographic print

AP Controls Limited understand inline Flexographic printing and you can use our knowledge to get all new jobs off the press “RIGHT FIRST TIME”. We can print onto many substrates including paper, plastic and cellophane. At our partner’s facility in Manchester we can offer high press speeds for printing, varnishing, laminating and die cutting. Flexographic Gopfert printing delivers high quality detail and durability and is perfect for long printing runs and large volume orders.

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Stock boxes & Pallet boxes

We provide a range of stock boxes which are suitable for a great variety of purposes. Card boxes are available in a choice of sizes including 305 x 229 x 152mm, 457 x 457 x 305mm, 760 x 457 x 457mm and all standard sizes in between. Corrugated boxes are available in both single and double walled. All the boxes manufactured under our control are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and are manufactured from high performance cardboard liners.

Our Pallet Boxes are designed to fit perfectly on a standard sized pallet (12cm x 10cm or 12cm x 8cm). They are manufactured from heavy duty double wall corrugated cardboard and made for strength and durability. Available in B/C flute in O200 and O201 styles. Always the best choice for maximum volume and value for money.

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Chill Pack – Wrappak

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Thermal Transit Packs