Box Cutter


€1.30ex. VAT

Pack: 12 knives per pack


Quantity Price PER PACK
1 - 4 22.80 (€1.90 PER KNIVE)ex. VAT
5 - 9 PACKS 21.00 (€1.75 PER KNIVE)ex. VAT
10 - 19 PACKS 18.00 (€1.50 PER KNIVE)ex. VAT
20 - 29 PACKS 16.80 (€1.40 PER KNIVE)ex. VAT
30+ PACKS 15.60 (€1.30 PER KNIVE)ex. VAT

Finger and thumb rests in optimum position for all hand sizes
Wider more comfortable body profile
Embossed body for enhanced grip
Large thumbnail cutter pierces tape seals without damaging carton contents
Slitter blade for plastic strap and stretchwrap film cutting
Slitter blade recessed within moulding for greater safety
Curved leading slitter edge prevents snagging
Eyelet for lanyard attachment
12 knives per carton
Carton weight 0.5kg


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