APC 100’s


€0.30ex. VAT


Quantity Price PER PACK
1 PACK 7.50 (€0.30 PER BOX)ex. VAT
2 - 24 PACKS 7.50 (€0.30 PER BOX)ex. VAT
25 - 99 PACKS 7.40 (€0.30 PER BOX)ex. VAT
100+ PACKS 7.10 (€0.28 PER BOX)ex. VAT

We provide a range of stock boxes which are suitable for a great variety of purposes. Cardboard boxes are available in a choice of sizes please see the grid below. Corrugated boxes are available in both single and double walled. All the boxes manufactured under our control are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and are manufactured from high performance cardboard liners


Size: 315 x 231 x 99mm

Material Grade: 200K/T 150 B Flute 0201 (RSC)

Single or Double: S/Wall

Pack: 25 boxes per pack